Wandile Mbambeni

Based: Johannesburg

Wandile is currently based in Cape Town. The up and coming singer/songwriter/producer is blowing minds of people each and every time he gets on stage, He has already shared a stage with the likes of Matthew Mole ,Michael Lowman, Howie Combrink Shortstraw, Prime Circle, Tailor, Majozi, Red Tape Riot,Veranda Panda, Watershed, Al Bairre, Karen Zoid, Francois Van Coke just to name a few..Wandile graces the stage alone, His story-telling of the songs He writes creates a deep listening atmosphere, a unique stage presence, His ability to make you feel is something special.He released His first EP “HomeGrown” independently, He then got booked in Germany for a tour of 35 days for the EP. Wandile took Germany by storm, playing a number of sold out shows.” The Germans appreciated my music more than I did which made me appreciate my music more than anyone else ” – WandileHe then released His Debut Album “Good Intentions” which has made many people believe in His music, this album was play listed on a number of smaller radio stations. The hardworking talent released this album independently.

” Good Intentions, I’m very proud of this Album. It is my first and definitely not my last, it is my personal life arranged in music ” – Wandile.

Wandile aims straight to the top and Has no aim to look back.

This independent singer/songwriter understands vision, precision, execution and being Authentic.

“You can’t teach someone Soul, it’s either you have it or you don’t” – Lionel Richie

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