Them Tornados

Based: Cape Town

Them Tornados are psycho rockabilly

ROCKABILLY is the bastard love child of rock ‘n roll and hillbilly country music. Born in the steamy swamps of the deep south, it has a greasy quiff that falls in its eyes when it gets all hot and sweaty. It has cheap tattoos of the names of long lost loves, and if it wears a shirt at all, it’s a leopard-print wife beater.

It’s the music your mama warned you about, the same music your daddy went out drinking and carousing with all night long. It may even have shot a man once, who knows?
It’s the sound you want in the hands of Them Tornados – a little bit dirty, a little bit dangerous and a whole lot of shaking going on in all the right places.

Ian Arrow jitterbugs and jives on lead vocals and plays that Gretsch like his first sweetheart, while Matt Ferguson, in all his wild-eyed kilted glory, beats the mother lovin’ crap out of his drums like no one else we know. Completing the trio is Psymon Perry slapping that double bass until his fingers bleed, and he can sing too. Them Tornados give rockabilly everything they’ve got, and then some. Their live gigs are legendary, leaving fans dripping with sweat and begging for more (yes, it’s a lot like sex). They’ve got the style money can’t buy, backed up by rock-solid substance.

The band has been around for a decade, playing all the sleaziest dives in Cape Town and a few respectable venues now and again. Just to pay the rent, of course. They’ve released a seven-track album accompanied by a hot-red vinyl single – Pyscho, and Cash Is King on the B-side, and are currently working on an all-original full length album.



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