Based: Cape Town

Andre Swartz – drums
Rob Nel – drums
Gorm Helfjord – guitar

Andre Swartz (drums), Rob Nel (bass) and Gorm Helfjord (guitar) – collectively Swartznelfjord – are a recently formed trio with a solid emphasis on groove. Their wealth of experience in various musical styles, both individually and together, amalgamates in an infectious blend of old, new and never-to-be-repeated spontaneous funk, hip hop, dub,
Rock, mbaqnaga, maskanda, blues, bluegrass, soul.

Gorm Helfjord:
Gorm has been living in Cape Town since 2001 when he enrolled at the UCT Jazz Studies program. Since then Gorm has gone on to put together a list of credits that include many of Cape Town and South Africa’s leading artists. These include Gollywog, Closet Snare, Shout (Dan Shout Quartet), as well as the hit show High School Musical.

Rob Nel:
Rob played with many of Johannesburg’s top artists, including Wendy Oldfield, before moving down to Cape Town. Over the years Rob’s credits include Verity, Mac Stanley, The Boulevard Blues Band, as well as the prestigious Symphonic Rocks concert.

Andre Swartz :
Started playing music professionally in 2012 and has worked with artists from a variety of genres. These include Sonja Heroldt, Amanda Tiffin, E. J. von Lyrik, the Spindle Sect, Hot Water, Trenton and Free Radical, the UCT Big Band, and National Youth Jazz band.

Swartznelfjord comprises of three of Cape Town’s funkiest, most skilled experimental musicians: Gorm Helfjord (guitar), Rob Nel (bass) and Andre Swartz (drums). Their musical skill turns their experimental tunes into lively, groovy sets.


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