Sho Madjozi

Based: Johannesburg

Sho Madjozi, also known as Maya the Poet for her poetry, started playfully uploading videos of herself rapping in Xitsonga and she experienced a surprisingly positive response from her followers which motivated her to take it seriously. Sho Madjozi does not define this as a transformation but another adventure she has embarked on as a writer.

Although she went to college in the US, this young artist strives to be anything that paints her culture in a bright light. She says the period spent in the US made her more African, she came back more mature and ready to be herself.

Since her breakthrough rapping career and collaborating with other popular artists, she says the best message she ever got from a fan was one that said, “Before I had heard you rap in Tsonga, I used to hide the fact that I am Tsonga and even changed my Tsonga name.”

In her raps, Sho Madjozi goes back to how much she loves partying, how broke she is, and criticises people for not living their best lives. This, for her, means embracing all that she is.



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