Roger D’Lux

Based: Johannesburg

Funky/ Deep/ House

Roger Michael de Sousa, Portuguese in descent, is a born & bred Pretoria boy, connoisseur of House of the deep tech flavour & funky variety, superlative South African DJ, label boss, prolific music producer, remixer extraordinaire, creative director & entrepreneur. Better known & more easily recognizable to revelers as Roger D’lux, his DJ alias, he has long been heralded by peers as one of the most naturally gifted spin doctors to emerge from this rainbow nation.

Roger’s intent pursuit of a unique, individual sound spanning a period of almost 17 years has seen this champion of the underground develop his signature repertoire of chunky, funk fuelled house & sleazy grooves sometimes deep, sometimes tech edged but always undeniably bass driven & above all underpinned by a raw & wickedly infectious energy. Reliably brilliant & refreshingly versatile Roger panders to his followers with jam sessions that ooze instant dance floor sophistication & bear testimony to a penchant for seemingly effortless performance. Over the course of his career Roger has played at events, alongside internationals, held residencies & had nightclub gigs too numerous too mention in full.

Upon sight of Roger’s surreal mixing ability & mind bending scratching skill, challengers to the D’lux dynasty have been known to bow their heads in shame, pack away styli & run for cover faster than your average DJ can beatmix. And one would expect nothing less than this as reaction to runner up of the 1999 DMC National Championships, second only to 1st place garnered by the inimitable Ready D.
Never shy to indulge his God given musical talents, Roger was swift to embark upon creation his own music, a calling he believes born of a curious, questioning mind, strong self belief, raw musical talent & an irrepressible need to use blessings bestowed upon him to also give back. A prolific producer of electronic music since 1998, Roger has no less than 38 tracks etched under his belt, singles on various compilations & vinyl for the likes of USM, Agents of Sound,

Grooved Records & Sheer Music. Roger D’lux’s studio output has become renowned for quality, diversity & a guarantee for moving any crowd. Not satisfied, however, Roger has also gone on to cut countless remixes added his unique funk treatment to each & boosting his ever- burgeoning profile with the title of remixer too. In the decade since birth of Roger’s DJ career, he has accomplished more than most DJ’s hope to in an entire lifetime.An affiliation with DJ comptariot, Craig de Sousa spurned the creation & co-ownership of a record label, Heads & Tails, also intended as the vehicle for worldwide release of homegrown music.

In 2004, Roger D’Lux’ first excursion beyond the 12 inch format was through compilation & mixing of the first Sutra CD compilation. A fitting choice that Roger be the one to add his distinctive flavour & lend those impeccable mixing skills to the virgin release for a club that had practically become his second home. Next on the agenda is a long overdue ‘Deeper Sounds of Roger D’lux – My Phunktecnique’ on USM planned for February 2006, followed by a House Anthems 8 & 9 in 2010 & culminating the 2013 launch of a full length Roger D’lux Artist Album featuring produced music & Roger’s collaborations with top SA artists.

Hardworking, down to earth & easygoing,his no-attitude attitude belies self-presentation that has less to do with ego than with artistic sensibility. Roger D’lux has paid his dues & the widespread respect & admiration has been hard earned. With a sterling record such as this one might be so bold as to surmise that Roger D’lux purposefully shunned the spotlight. In truth let it be told he has merely bided his time. True brilliance lies in patiently waiting in the wings for the time to be exactly right. Pretoria’s finest is guaranteed to please devotees, convert critics & shake up any night with a delicious rhythm driven house music odyssey that has pure funk coursing through its veins, The next step in the D’lux path -World Domination!!!



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