Ray Perkel – Jewish Band

Based:  Johannesburg

Ray Perkel has been creating music since the early ’60s. In the ’70s he featured in a highly original trio called Audacle, playing original soft electric music to a following of devoted fans at the Wits university campus in Johannesburg.
In the late 70s Ray rediscovered his Jewish roots, became a devotee of Chassidic Judaism and married his artist wife Miriam. They have raised a family of 6 children.
In 2002 Ray began a new phase in his musical career. This began with the formation of the band Neshima and the recording of an album entitled Hakol Letovah. This world music album is a highly innovative fusion of Hebrew/Chassidic music with African and Latin rhythms and has delighted fans in several countries around the world. The band toured Israel in mid-2002, playing to enthusiastic concert and club audiences.



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