Based: Johannesburg

She started her music career as a teenager and for the past 17 years Nádine has taken up occupation in the hearts of Afrikaans music fans, selling an astonishing 500 000 albums along the way.

But in 2008 the singer is stretching her creative soul, in the most breathtaking way, with the release of an album that contemporary album on the global stage.

Titled ‘This Time I know’, the 15-track album has all the makings of bonafide smash hit, taking Nádine into new markets – including international waters – whilst never leaving behind the core base of fans who have allowed her to enjoy the astonishingly successful music career that she has enjoyed up to now.

“I cannot imagine not recording an album that I know my fans will love – after all, they have helped sustain my career for so long,” Nádine says – and the inclusion of four Afrikaans songs on ‘This Time I know’ is nothing short of a gift to her fans from an artist who has never lost sight of the important role they play in her life.

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