Ludwick Marishane

(Innovative / Entrepreneurship)

Based: Johannesburg


Ludwick Marishane (24) is the founder & MD of Headboy Industries Inc., and is his country’s youngest patent-filer after having invented DryBath® at the age of 17. In 2011, he was rated as the best student entrepreneur in the world (Global Champion of the Global Student Entrepreneurs Awards 2011). That same year, Google named him as one of the 12 brightest young minds in the world. He holds a Bachelor of Business Science, majoring in Finance & Accounting, from the University of Cape Town in South Africa. In December 2013, TIME Magazine named him as one of the 30 people, under 30, who are changing the world…one of only 2 Africans on the list.

DryBath is a Bath-Substituting gel, designed to replace the need for soap, water and skin lotion. DryBath® is an innovative gel that cleans the skin by removing dead cells & body odor, without the need for much water. This saves you time when in a rush, or when bathing with water is difficult or awkward.

DryBath was designed to provide more hygiene to the 2 billion people without adequate water access, who still use the traditional bucket-bathing method. It was also designed to provide a convenient hygiene alternative to affluent households, allowing them to use less water.

While at Dynamique High School (a small school with only 10 classrooms & no computer or science labs), Ludwick invented DryBath in grade 11. The idea came to him after a lazy friend complained about why there wasn’t such a product on the market. In the Limpopo community he grew up in, most people used the bucket-bathing method; where you boil water in a kettle & mix it with cold water in a small bowl in order to bathe. This method is very uncomfortable, and especially irritating during the winter months.

Ludwick immediately started researching on Google (using his trusty Nokia 6234 cellphone) to find out if such a product existed. To his surprise, no one had invented it. He spent 6 months reading Google & Wikipedia articles on lotions, gels & hand sanitizers, and he learned all about their different ingredients and how they were made.

After he had finished learning, he started devising his own formulation in Matric. He paid R75 to patent it, after having written the patent document himself. He even wrote his 40-page business plan on his cellphone because he didn’t have a computer.

After being accepted to UCT, he was fortunate to receive the Allan Gray Orbis Scholarship, and he networked with all the right people during university to get help in making DryBath® and starting a business to make it a success. During his 3rd year at UCT, he was chosen as the best student entrepreneur in the world (GSEA 2011), and Google named him as one of the 12 brightest young minds in the world (Zeitgeist 2011).

After graduating from UCT, Ludwick has dedicated himself to running his business, and to working with the Technology Innovation Agency in order to promote technology/ innovation entrepreneurship, especially among young people. He is currently launching the Pioneers@Uni student-entrepreneurship programme in the Western Cape.

In 2013, Frost & Sullivan awarded him, alongside Archbishop Desmond Tutu, with the Growth Innovation & Leadership Africa Award (GIL 2013). Headboy Industries was also selected as the Overall Winner at the Inaugural Western Cape Premier’s Entrepreneurship Recognition Awards (2013).

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