Based: Cape Town

He is dedicated to changing the way people think about their lives, thus inspiring them to live with a child like view on the world, getting them to live life in the spirit of play and create their dreams.   He does this through demonstrating the impossible, giving people the opportunity to believe in something more.

Gifted from childhood with abilities, Larry Soffer has amazed audiences across Africa, East Asia, USA & the UK, intuitively merging the scientific with the esoteric, breaking the mould of magic as mere vaudevillian prestidigitation to redefine it as an inspirational spectacle.

Most celebrated for his motivational philosophy and astounding abilities that allow him to bend cutlery, move objects and animate mechanical devices with a simple act of Larry’s repertoire which include clairvoyance, precognition and telepathy, thus, making him able to view objects that are hidden, read minds and even predict the future.
He is currently the only one performing his amazing abilities via Cable Networks and Radio frequencies in the way of making people’s light bulbs burst, their TV;s switch on, their cars cutting out on highways and making broken watches come back to life!
For the past 10 years Larry has taken the role as Africa’s Primiere Mentalist. He’s entertained an astonishing array of high profile clientele’, including royalty & celebs hand performed at top corporate events, theatres & private functions.

Larry’s act is more than just a show, its an interactive experience where the client/person gets to see and feel for themselves that they too have unbelievable abilities.

His performance is Mystical, Humorous and Tense!

He’s performed amazing feats such as ….

Predicting several newspaper headlines way in advance
Reanimating broken clocks & watches via the frequencies
Bending all sorts of metal in people’s homes whilst he’s inside the Radio & Television stations
Reading people’s minds
Making motor vehicles appear and disappear
Vanishing the Voortrekker Monument

His motto is ” BELIEVE TO SEE, INSTEAD OF SEEING TO BELIEVE ” his vision is to bring awareness of the power of the mind to all around the globe and thus giving them an opportunity to believe in their own dreams and create their own reality