Kaiti Fual

Based: Durban

Have you ever met a young singer-songwriter who didn’t think entering Pop Idols was a good idea? Meet Kaiti Faul: a young lady who insists on writing her own songs, playing her own guitar and telling her own story.

In this day and age of custom-built pop stars, a musician who chooses to go her own way is a refreshing alternative. Kaiti Faul is a young South African singer-songwriter with modern ambitions and an old-school approach: if she didn’t write it, she won’t sing it.

Born in Empangeni at the beginning of 1995, Kaiti has been channeling her life experiences into music ever since she first won a talent competition at the tender age of 8. Her guitar-playing father showed her a few guitar chords and then watched in growing amazement as this fledgling singer slowly transformed into the guitar-playing singer-songwriter she has very definitely become.

Kaiti is a firm believer in telling a true story with her songs and expressing something real that she’s actually experienced. As a child, growing up with the songs of Billy Joel, Alanis Morrisette and the Beatles (and later, with the songs of Taylor Swift, Avril Lavigne and Katy Perry), she remembers how empowered she felt when listening to somebody reflecting on a difficult relationship that felt like something she herself was also going through. Her goal as a songwriter, she says, is to be as believable, and to articulate something universally true.

As a star-struck teenager, Kaiti corresponded with one of her heroes, renowned South African singer-songwriter Chris Chameleon. In an email, she gushingly and half-jokingly offered to sell him the songs she had begun writing. She was amazed when he actually wrote back, and even more so when he encouraged her to keep them because ‘she had a great voice and should sing them herself’. Meeting Chris for the first time backstage at a festival at which she was performing, Kaiti was again inspired when Chris not only remembered her emails and her songs but encouraged her to continue.

Having just finished her school career, Kaiti is already a seasoned performer. Accompanied only by her guitar and fueled by her diverse experiences in live theatre productions, she has sung her country-tinged original songs on numerous occasions at South African music festivals such as Splashy Fen and White Mountain. Her fledgling career as a performing singer-songwriter began in earnest in 2013 with the recording of her first single, a song called “The Reason I Don’t Cry”. Produced by John Ellis, the song was selected to open the 2013 Splashy Fen commemorative CD and has already created a great deal of expectation for Kaiti’s future.

A guitar-playing singer-songwriter with a lot to say and a great voice to say it with: that’s Kaiti Faul.


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