Just Jinjer

Based: Durban | Cape Town

Just Jinjer are one of the biggest rock band exports in South African history, having sold more that a quarter of a million albums.
Just Jinjer’s power and alluring appeal is fueled by well-honed and heartfelt musicality, a commitment to communication on a genuine emotional and cerebral level — music that touches the heart, body, mind and soul — and a dedication to their musical mission that is virtually unstoppable. Over the last decade, the band has performed and toured with U2, Counting Crows and Def Leppard among many others, performing for hundreds of thousands of fans in venues all around the world from the UK to Dubai.
The band are now back in SA after being based in Los Angeles for the past 8 years.
Album Releases:
Just Jinjer`s debut album “All Comes Round” became one of the best-selling rock albums in South African history. Their second album “Something for Now” reached gold status in only three weeks from release. Both albums went on to achieve double platinum status. “Greatest Hits” and “Just Jinjer” reached also went on to achieve gold status.
Their EP “Milk and Honies” was released in South Africa in December 2009. Just Jinjer is currently signed to Curb Records in US and their first international release hit the airwaves and shelves globally in the middle of 2010.
The band will be back in studio near the end of 2012 to record their second international album release.


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