Josh Wantie

Based: Durban

Josh Wantie grew up in the small town of Hilton on the Midlands of South Africa. Not coming from a particularly musical family, he grew up with no serious interest in music. It wasn’t until about the age of 15 when his older brother bought an old classical guitar that he discovered a hidden desire to express himself through music. His brother would sit and practice popular songs in his room while Josh would lie in his room across the hall and dream of making his own tunes one day. It was late September when he finally got sick of dreaming and grabbed the guitar for himself, just like that, he was hooked. It was instantly clear that this passion would shape the rest of his life. Music became somewhat of an obsession for him, a way to communicate his feelings with the rest of the world.

Josh combines a soft melodic vocal style with intricate acoustic and electric guitar work to achieve a very accessibleand pleasant sound. He plays a multitude of instruments to achieve a new a fresh sound in the acoustic/folk genre. Lyrically, he writes somewhat poetically about life experiences, whether happy or sad, they carry a great deal of truth as he perceives it. He is well known for his positive world-view and often sings about the power of love and the importance of maintaining an attitude of hope. He explores ideas of life and spirituality it many of his songs. Be sure to try catch a show if he plays near you.

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