Jean-marc Johannes

Based: Cape Town

Jean-Marc is best known for thinking up new and crazy tricks. He explores concepts and ideas, and puts them into action, to the amazement of spectators and other skaters alike. As a result, Best Trick awards often come his way. Jean-Marc likes to compete against the best skateboarders out there, as he feels that one can only truly progress when up against the elite. It’s clear Jean-Marc wants to take his skateboarding to new heights and new places.

Jean-Marc is also highly skilled in the forgotten art of switch; mastering most moves either regular or switch. He has a motto, ‘think fast, but move slow,’ which many people believe is the very reason why he hasn’t broken bones going for the massive moves he does. When JM’s not skating, he’s on his guitar and believes that in skateboarding, as in music, there are no boundaries or limitations.

“Skateboarding has given me many things,” reckons Jean-Marc. “It has made me realise that being happy is the most important thing in life. Skateboarding has given me a sense of direction, and a focus in life. It has helped me realise who I am.”

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