Based: Cape Town

There is more to Africa than Safari and Civil War…..

We got dance music…. Authentic Afrikan Elektronik Dance Musik

And besides this is where dance music began anyway….

Gazelle is a small but colorful part of the African Renaissance promoting the growth and world view of any African born art.

With a completely unique take and The Urban African chic scene, Gazelle is crossing the divides between Electro, disco, funk and pop, a colorful fashion palette and a sense of pride in what African contemporary music, art and fashion can become. Gazelle is scene definition in action.

The group was born in 2006 following a long journey of discovery in music. Xander Ferreira, the founding member, started his journey as a reggae singer known as the White Lion. Originally from a remote part of South Africa, close the border of Mozambique, Xander grew up being a part of authentic South African culture in confusing but colorful times.

Gazelle had it’s breath of life when Xander started experimenting with producing electronic bedroom music. Mixing an element of Reggae Dub and Electro something fresh was found. He recently joined forces with accomplished music producer and DJ Nick Matthews from bands like The Iridium Project and Coda. Together they combine an interesting mixture of backgrounds to create the unique sound of Gazelle.

As an ever evolving LIVE show you can expect the un-expected. Never settling for repetition Gazelle always features different guest artists from Musicians, Dancers and Actors for each show. When on tour he scouts local participants of all shapes and arts to join him on stage in what inevitably forms a mini extravaganza.

For the past 2 years Gazelle has toured the European Summer across various destinations as a solo project. His appearances have seen him gig in Cities like Milan, Stockholm, London, Berlin, Rome, Copenhagen…and many more. Always managing to get booked internationally at the most fashionable, high end events he has even performed for Milan fashion week.

Not confining his talents to music alone, Xander is an acclaimed photographer and is currently publishing his first book ‘The Status of Greatness’ as part of his exhibition carrying the same name, exploiting the strategic process that figures of power use, to manipulate and control the minds and hearts of the people Analyzing the lack of Greatness in modern day Status and the acknowledgement of the true African historical figures of Greatness.

His Debut Album ‘Chic Afrique’ is independently produced, manufactured and released.

Gazelle is proudly South African.



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