Femi Adebanji

(Business / Motivational)

Based: Johannesburg

“Please thank Femi on behalf of the Corporate Affairs, he was amazing in both cities, as an MC and a facilitator. On behalf of the Corporate Affairs department, I would like to express my thanks and appreciation to Femi for both his professionalism and dedication as an MC and a facilitator, he really was awesome and professional.  We received an overwhelming positive feedback on the panel discussion and on him as an MC.” TIGER BRANDS

With client feedback such as “YOU ROCK!, Femi’s career as a dynamic, insightful and fresh business motivational speaker has been featured in interviews with international leading publications such as Wealth Magazine,  the Business Day, Entrepreneur Magazine and on many mainstream radio stations.  His high-energy business talks and TV interviews on the “Good Morning Africa’s” Business Leadership series on Dstv, have been flighted in over 20 countries on the continent.

His ability to intelligently deliver solid business content on creating high- performance business culture, leadership and motivation, has earned him the privilege of working with blue-chip clients such as the Office of the Presidency, Barclays Africa, Tiger Brands, Unilever, TSOGO Sun, Duke Corporate Education, Of Cape Town, Standard Bank, Old Mutual, Nedbank, the Endangered Wild-Life Trust, UNISA, First National Bank and many more.

He is the Research Director at the Mind-Advance, a think-tank consultancy dedicated to researching and formulating cutting edge strategies for unlocking human potential as well as releasing the often untapped performance potential within businesses and organizations. Based on years of research into some of the most effective techniques and successful methodologies being applied by companies all over the globe, the proprietary Mind-Advance Maxima SystemTM for unlocking organizational performance was created. A methodology that forms the basis of all his talks.

Femi has also been invited to feature as a panelist at the African Leadership Academy’s Enke Project with past panelists being the likes of Alan Knott Craig Jr, McIntosh Polela and Nathan Roberts.  Formerly, as divisional head of investment strategy within the Momentum Group, Femi and his team grew client assets under advice from R1 billion to just over R5 billion within 2 years; while quadrupling their client base in the process.  During this period, he consulted on strategy issues to premier clients such as BHP Billiton, Rand Merchant Bank and Discovery.

With over 15 years’ experience in building successful businesses (both within the corporate space and as an entrepreneur), leading diverse teams and working with businesses to unlock their performance potential, Femi now shares his insights with corporates and organizations all over South Africa and abroad, on how to design and develop high-performance business cultures, create an inspirational leadership culture, motivate their employees and ultimately unleash business greatness!  Femi holds a Post-Graduate degree in Economics and a Masters Degree in Financial Economics.

Femi’s business and motivational talks include:

GAME CHANGER – Building A High-Performance Organisation Culture

  1. LEADING THE CHARGE – Achieving Inspired Leadership in Organisations
  2. ADAPT AND THRIVE – Successfully Managing the Impact of Change in Organisations
  3. BE DISTINCT OR BE EXTINCT – How to create a high-impact customer service culture



Some key areas of focus of the talk include:

  • Why the Future Business Landscape REALLY Has No Place for Mediocrity – The New Laws of the Business Jungle
  • The Top 5% – the difference between good and great organisations
  • Understanding the power of culture in shaping business success or failure
  • How to practically embed a high performance culture into your business DNA
  • Creating high-performer employees – how to successfully and permanently shift behaviours
  • Does the Vision Excite us? – How to create a compelling vision that drives business success
  • How to create and establish collective ownership and responsibility for the organisation’s vision.
  • Strategies for translating vision into concrete action
  • How to build High-Performance Leaders within the business
  • Values, Vision, Leadership, Strategy, and Process – the Pillars of Business Success



Some of the key insights shared in this talk include:

◾The linkage between leadership and business results

◾How to avoid “over-managing” and “under-leading”

◾“Our platform is burning” – How to know we need a leadership check-up – and what to do about it!

◾What separate high-performance leaders from the rest

◾The Pillars of High-Performance Leadership – Vision, Influence, Integrity, Trust and Mind-set

◾Speaking to the hearts and mind

◾Courage – the ability to lead, inspire and motivate in the face of challenges

◾The leader’s greatest asset and how to channel it to success

◾How to create passion within your team and inspire them to deliver excellence

◾Credibility, Character and Commitment – Why they Matter!

◾How to consistently deliver peak performance driven by inspired leadership

◾Keys to harnessing and channeling employee motivation to deliver productivity and great work ethic.




Some of the key areas that talk will focus on include:

– The fundamentals of world-class customer service

– The fundamental success principles for working with customers

– How to successfully engage and deal with different customer profiles

– How to build credibility with your customers in 30 seconds

– Master how to “think like the client”

– Would I do business with me? – If not, how do we turn this around

– Customer service recovery tips for turning mistakes into profits

– How to identify and avoid customer turn-offs

– The tough customer – what works and what does not work!

– Learn how to provide value at every point of interaction

– Give me a SOLUTION – Just don’t offer products offer solutions!

– Creating A “Customer-Focused” Culture

– What must we do differently to keep our customers loyal

– The current customer service culture – strengths and weaknesses

– How to build on the positive aspects of our current customer culture

– How to use vision to entrench a powerful customer-focused culture


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