DJ Chopper

Based: Cape Town

Rated as the number one wedding DJ in South Africa for 2012, DJ Chopper has become an established name in Cape Town and the Boland. She was also seen on a TV Pogram called “bruilof” at the end of last year, where they interviewed her regarding her DJ work.  She took the club scene by storm in and around the western Cape and also played successful gigs at festivals such as KKNK (alcapone) Wacky wine (arabella) Aardklop (snowflake) and Hart van Windhoek (Namibie). She was also invited to play at Skouspel (Sun City) October 2013, but had to decline due to prior commitments.
She’s amazing with the audience and some people rated her as the step up” of the “wedding DJ’s” Her sound is everything what the crowd wants to hear.  Although she is established as an 80’s DJ, it would be no surprise to hear some 90’s, rock and or commercial hits blending in her set.  She is a crowd pleaser and nobody will leave the party without sore feet.  She is amazing with all ages and DJ regularly in clubs such as SGT Pepper Longstreet.  She performs as guest DJ all around South Africa and recently have been invited to play in London, Koln and Amsterdam.
DJ Chopper is also the DJ at Varsity Cup for Maties and will soon be back when the Netball Nationals kicks off in Stellenbosch.
She is passionate about her work and arrive at each function, wedding or festival fresh with one thing in mind.. everybody needs to dance and have a good time. She is definitely an asset to any event.


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