Coco Loco

Based: Durban

Deep / Progressive House

For those of you who love ‘House music’, or submit to the weekly dancefloor call, you’re probably familiar with the name Coco Loco. If not, then know this: He is one of South Africa’s finest export House DJs, who spends his life following the beat and flying to perform in underground clubs all over South Africa and regularly plays in exotic venues around the world in cities like Istanbul, London and Mauritius.

Deeper Sound of Coco Loco – Poolside Playa’ is the third and last in a series of three albums Coco Loco has mixed, taking the listener on a journey of incredibly stylish and sophisticated Deep House music. Striving to distinguish his sound from that of other top DJ’s in SA, compiling albums for the dancefloor, Coco Loco reckons music lovers are listening in their cars, at house parties or at cocktail lounges and so require something different. Coco Loco has effectively executed this on his DSO trilogy. The first album in 2005, “DSO Coco Loco – Deep Trouble” was more of a cocktail party vibe. It had just enough bounce to invite the listener to tap their feet, introducing him to the South African market. On the back of its success, a year later “DSO Coco Loco – Fly by Night” came out, capturing a dirtier, edgier sound to symbolise the ‘out after 4am and up to no good’ kind of vibe. This, the final release in 2007, “DSO Coco Loco – Poolside Playa” sealed off the trilogy in Coco Loco’s true ‘best for last’ style. The kind of music that James Bond really listens to… and scores with!

Coco Loco’s coverage includes an appearance on the cover of (and exclusive interview in) local music magazine BPM (December 2006), features in local magazine and online publications including; Heat, Locally Whipped, SL, Top Billing, Zoo, and MrSpencer nightlife website; interviews and DJ sets on ETV, 5FM, Metro fm, Yfm, Good Hope fm and East Coast Radio.

Coco Loco’s behind the decks experience has shown him that South Africans are searching for more than just a clubbing experience. They are looking for a culture and a touch of class with a soulful and underground sound. It was this in mind he decided to go back into the studio and record an album that represented these important elements and presenting the album a full 8 months later than expected, at what he calls ‘the right time’. “What I’m trying to do is push an underground sound, but one that anyone can get into”. It is with this kind of preparation and thought that has earned him rave reviews from South Africa’s best DJs and clubbers alike… definitely worth the wait.


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