Brandon October

Based: Johannesburg

Much has been written about Brandon October over the past 10 years and apart from the usual descriptions of ‘great singer’ or ‘electric performer’ there seems to be two recurring ones: determined and rule-breaker. It’s this determination that has earned Brandon his place as one of South Africa’s best singers.

Well I prefer to think of myself as a rule-maker. I’m definitely not of those think-out-of-the-box kinds of guys, in fact for me, there is no box. He has that exact same approach to his music, whether it be a performance of the rock-fuelled Kom met my and I Can’t Hide From Your Love or the heart-wrenching ballads, Dis waar liefde is and Two Lonely People, his approach is always to push the boundaries.


Brandon October was born in Cape Town. A third generation Dutch, Jamaican and German, he was surrounded by a family of singers and it was inevitable that music would become a part of his life.

This son of two teachers had the correct use of language drilled into him from an early age, but it was from his grandfather that the love for language was inherited. ‘My grandfather made poetry and story-telling part of everyday conversation’, Mark Twain or Shakespeare were regularly quoted.

‘Once I saw how poetry and everyday conversation could be intertwined, my curiosity for songwriting was sparked’, remembers Brandon.

For me, melody and lyrics come as one. When I’m writing the song comes through me as a whole. Often in fragments that I later then shape and give form to. Some songs take many years to write.

Brandon is credited among South Africa’s most spectacular voices. His seemingly endless vocal range, coupled with his gift for communicating a song, has brought the house down in many prestigious venues. Here is a singer with an incredible vocal ability who has over the years come to be highly respected by his peers as well as the music industry.

Brandon October is one of South Africa’s most sought after singers. He doesn’t only confine himself to singing. This multi-talented vocalist is also a songwriter, TV host, music producer, artist, photographer, lyricist, poet and entrepreneur.

Musical Influences

Brandon’s musical influences are diverse and range from the smooth sounds of 50’s star Johnny Mathis to the more raunchy rock vocals of Freddie Mercury, Opera and classical music. It’s this varied blend of singers and musical styles that have created and forged Brandon’s sound – a sound that’s at first tender and fragile, then all at once erupting into searing, raunchy rock vocals.


To date he has released three solo studio albums and has appeared on numerous albums performing duets or solos. His newest album was released September 2011 and is already nearing gold status.


In 2003 Brandon co-hosted Voila, a lifestyle program on M-net.

He was a guest presenter on Pasella (SABC3)

Brandon co-hosted 3 series of the hugely popular TV show, Supersterre. This show had a weekly audience of over 4 million. (SABC2)

Recently Brandon has been called upon to lend his extensive musical experience as one of the judges of the brand new reality television show; ‘Die Sanger’ starting in July on Kyknet.


Brandon is a regular on festival bills around SA and has performed in New York, New Orleans, London, Germany, Swaziland, Namibia, Tanzania, Kenya and Botswana. In May 2012 Brandon will go on a nation-wide South African tour. June 2012 marks the first time Brandon will perform in The Netherlands.

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