Based: Cape Town

Made up of three dynamic young Capetonians, Tarryn Lamb, Samantha Heldsinger (Recently became engaged to be married and so has decided to move on and part company with BlackByrd, However the band is extremely excited to have Axene join them) and Tamsyn Maker, BlackByrd have spent the past three years working towards the moment when EMI Music signed them to their major label at the beginning of the year.

Lamb and Heldsinger first met while studying at Cape Town’s Waterfront Theatre School. The two quickly struck up a relationship that evolved into a group when B.Com graduate Maker completed their musical circle.   “Mike, our manager, helped shape BlackByrd,” Maker recalls.   “We all took acoustic guitar lessons, adding to our dynamic, and they’ve found their way into our live performances now too.”

After three years together the trio have “come into our own,” Lamb says.   “We’re definitely on the right road. With EMI behind us now we have a great team of people supporting our every move.”

“We’ve grown together as a group,” Heldsinger adds.   “Our sound has evolved too.”   “All For Me” as well as all the tracks that make up their stellar debut are weighted in real content and messages that everyone who hears will share a genuine affinity towards.

“BlackByrd lives through the songs we write,” Lamb says.  “Our music, and how we grow it from here, comes from a collective openness and willingness to be real.  It’s important that what people hear in a track like “All For Me” reflects who we are as people.”    What you hear on Strong is brutal honestly, raw emotion and an energy that’s profound.

Everything Lamb, Heldsinger and Maker did up to the point of signing on the dotted line with EMI was an important warm-up to the place BlackByrd is now set to soar from.  “Our overriding messages on “All For Me”, as with all the tracks on the album, are positive,” Lamb explains.   “It’s all about not looking back and focusing on what the future holds.”

Although BlackByrd’s music is moving a wide cross-section of fans, and finding support right across the country, women everywhere are especially receptive to their positive messages. “Our songs are all quite cathartic,” Heldsinger says.   “Even for us.  It’s music that’s intended to make people happy.”
Each time BlackByrd sing the world gets a little bit smaller, while their fan base swells.   Music with integrity is rare, but when these three beautiful and vivacious women do it they steal hearts and charts at every opportunity.

New Member Axene, Also a young beautiful blonde bombshell with a bubbly outgoing personality, has been singing on stage since the tender age of just six years old. Axene is the youngest SAMA award winner ever, at just sixteen (for Best English Pop Album), who excels at singing, dancing and playing multiple musical instruments, including guitar and keyboards.  She is in fact, also a highly competent song-writer, with already a number of big hits to her name.

The face of BlackByrd may have changed but, with Axene’s strong all-round contribution, BlackByrd’s music continues to go from strength to strength.