Allan Heyl

Based: Johannesburg


Treat yourself and your staff to the most inspiring and memorable talk you are likely to hear: a truly unique story from Allan Heyl, the only survivor of the notorious Stander gang!

Share with Allan the profound lessons he learned on his incredible journey down a slippery slope of moral deprivation that culminated in him serving more than 27 years in prison both here in South Africa and the U.K. for a string of bank heists and a prison escape and  from which, realistically, he should never have emerged. Hear first-hand how a poor self-image undermines our thought processes and how dangerously and easily a cycle of negative thinking can entrap us in a debilitating spiral of moral degeneration.

Allan Heyl’s story is overwhelmingly one of hope and ultimate redemption; let him share with you the amazing techniques that empowered him to understand the dynamics of choice and how he overcame his negative, self-destructive thought processes which ultimately enabled him to affirm that “freedom of choice” is a reality and that by daring to dream the impossible, he survived what should have been the un-survivable!

This incredible story, ultimately, is not about Allan Heyl, rather, it is testimony to the amazing spirit and resilience inherent in us all, let Allan help you unlock it.

  • What emotional prison are you trapped in?
  • Confront your demons: overcome anything, especially yourself.
  • Goal-setting.
  • Achieve your full potential by using the power of repeated words and thoughts.
  • Dealing with regrets.
  • Beware “the slippery slope.” We compromise our values at our peril!
  • The power of the collective consciousness.
  • Justifications.
  • Conflicts of interest.
  • Coping with stress.


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