Aidin Caye

Based: Johannesburg

Having explored the world of Electronic Music for the last 4 years as a DJ & Producer, Aidin Caye, decided in 2015 that his true passion lay in performing music that people from all spheres of life could enjoy.

“Music has played an integral part in my life for as long as I can remember. From learning to play a guitar at the age of 6, to performing in theatre productions & choirs / bands as a teen, I always knew that I was happiest standing in front of a crowd of people and communicating my passion for music to them. I found Electronic Dance Music relatively late in my teen years but the cultural vibrancy of House Music in South Africa gripped me and sunk it’s teeth into my soul.”

Transcending the sub-genres of House Music as a DJ & Producer, Aidin Caye has found home within a warm sound of live instruments, catchy vocal hooks and emotive chords, all set on the foundation of a 4/4 electronic rhythm.

“If there’s anything I would like to achieve with the music I write, it’s to connect with the listener in a way that makes them feel their truest emotions, whilst still being able to move their bodies to the groove.”

The story of Aidin Caye has only just begun.


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