Abbott Nu Jazz

Based:  Cape Town

Abbott Nu Jazz is an electro band who uses a combination of organic instruments and edgy effects to create the cross roads between live music and twenty first century electronica. You can expect to hear world fusion influences and jazzy rifts, blended with some spicy computer tones. The lyrical content is often theatrical or political and is sure to keep the listener entertained. Abbott Nu jazz crosses through genre boundaries with strong influences of dub, lounge, acid jazz, deep house and drum & bass.

Catch Abbott Nu Jazz live for a truly unique and inspiring experience. The band consists of founding member and SAMA Nominated Musician/Producer Guillaume de Villiers (Guitar/Vocal), the vibrant and energetic Astrid Provence (Vocal Performer) and the rhythm man Mark Dodsworth (Percussion).

How it works on stage……

Guillaume creates music via live looping. In other words he records clips of music on stage using Guitar, Keys and Vocal, repeat the clips and continue building more clips over the now repeating clips. The clips are then electronically mixed together while instrumental and vocal performance is added by the rest of the band. Even though the live set is mixed like a Dj set, all music is performed live with instruments so Abbott Nu Jazz is best classified as a live band.


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